Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement

The brake pad and rotor are critical parts of your vehicle’s braking system. The brake pads are held by the brake calipers which squeeze the pads onto the brake rotor, thus slowing down your vehicle. Brake pads are made of friction material that when squeezed on to the rotor cause it to stop turning, which stops your wheel from turning. However, this material eventually wears down and you will need to change it.
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When to Replace your Brake Pads

Most vehicles today have electronic sensors that tell you when your brake pads need to be replaced. However, if your vehicle does not have such a sensor, then you need to look out for noises, such as squealing when pressing the brake pedal. All that friction on the rotor also effects it, and it might also need to be replaced at some point.
Honda - Excessive Brake wear

When to Replace your Brake Rotor

Most brake rotors are much smaller now than in years past due to gas mileage goals now in place by the government. Since they now have less material due to being smaller in size, you will want to replace your brake rotors every 25,000-50,000 miles or when you have your brake pads replaced. At any point should you encounter wobbling motion while driving then it is very likely your brake rotors need to be resurfaced or replaced.

At Alpharetta Motor Sports, we have 35 years of experience services domestic and Japanese vehicles. Our ASE certified service mechanics have the best tools to inspect, diagnose, and repair any issues you are having with your brake pads or brake motor.

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Brake Rotor- when should I replace?

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