Clutch Repair

For most drivers on the road driving cars with automatic transmissions, they will not know what a clutch is. But for drivers that have manual transmissions, the clutch is constantly used. The clutch is used to put the car in neutral, and all other gears including reverse. This constant motion of pressing and depressing the clutch wears it down. However, how do you know that it is time to get your clutch looked at?

It really depends on your driving style and how aggressively you use your clutch. But the telltale signs are the following:

  • The engine will rev a little higher when the clutch is engaged or released
  • You don’t have to press in as far to engage the clutch
  • Acceleration is slower
  • A very foul smell
  • Sticking Clutch
  • Hard Clutch

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, then you are probably going to need clutch repair services from Alpharetta Motor Sports. We have 35 years experience servicing domestic and Japanese vehicles. Our ASE certified service mechanics have the tools to inspect, diagnose and repair any clutch issue you may be having.

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Clutch repair

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We are driven by integrity and strive to earn the trust of our valued customers and win their business for life. At Alpharetta Motor Sports we do not cut corners, and as a Bosch certified repair center, we have achieved a standard that most local shops cannot match. With over We 35 years experience in auto repair and maintenance, we are so sure of our service that we offer one of the best warranties in the industry limited: 3 years / 36,000 miles on vehicle services.

When dropping off your vehicle for maintenance, we understand and appreciate that your time is valuable. Our expert staff will be more than happy to arrange shuttle transportation or Uber service, so you are able to carry on with your day.  We also offer free wireless connectivity should you wish to wait.