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Lexus Car Repair

Lexus Beginnings Lexus is the luxury division of Toyota and launched with the Lexus LS in 1989. But it all started in 1983 when Toyota’s chairman issued a challenge to the company to design the best car in the world. The project was called the F1 and involved a lot of research, including renting a…

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Toyota Service and Repair Mechanics

The Toyota Motor Corporation As of July 2018, Toyota is nearly tied for the number one spot for the most sold vehicles in the United States. Ford is currently at number one, but there is still a whole quarter to go until the end of the year. Nonetheless, Toyota has been dominating the industry for…

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Domestic Auto Repair

Domestic Automobiles Domestic auto repair involves the servicing and repair of American vehicles. In the US, we have the “big three” car companies, General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler. General Motors and Ford are still completely domestic and owned by US shareholders, while Chrysler has gone through several mergers and acquisitions. Chrysler (Dodge/Jeep) are now part…

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Japanese Auto Repair

Japanese Automakers in the United States Japanese auto repair was never as important as it is today. When Japanese vehicles first entered the US market in the 1950s, they were much lighter and had better fuel economy than domestic (American) cars. Gas was cheap and Americans loved their gas guzzlers. However, it wasn’t until the…

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Top 5 Toyota Prius Issues

The Toyota Prius is one of the most popular vehicles in America, coming in 4th place in a list. The Prius is also the top-selling Hybrid vehicle by far selling 6.1 million units globally. Toyota has always been known to design and manufacture excellent cars that are reliable and affordable, but they are not…

Acura tune ups

Acura Tune ups

The Acura is your best shot at a luxury car for a reasonable price and so are Acura tune-ups. They have amazing horsepower, are very dependable and perhaps best of all, Acuras have low maintenance costs. It is important to ensure your car receives regular maintenance and servicing based on the manufacturer’s recommended schedule. This general…


Jeep Throttle Position Sensor Replacement

Jeep Throttle Position Sensor Replacement Let’s take you through the Jeep Throttle Position Sensor Replacement issues!! Jeeps are automobiles known for holding their values pretty well. They are comfortable and reliable and if you need a car to drive off-road, then a Jeep is an excellent choice. Notwithstanding, there’s a lot that can go wrong…


Acura Braking System Repair Services

The Acura is an efficient and reliable driving machine. Nevertheless, if you own an Acura MDX or Acura TL, then you may want to pay extra attention to Acura braking system. What Makes Up The Acura Braking System? The braking system is a vital safety component of your car. The brake pads and the hydraulic…